Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Document data security and encryption is an important guarantee for system integration

EMC Eric table it in 2006 to oversee the company's data security strategy as part of the team that led to the RSA's acquisition, acknowledged that security has always struck by use of the technology to create chaos.But not this time, it says the table.Cisco Systems Inc.Oracle Corp Whether it is EMC, Cisco Systems Inc. Or Oracle Corp., Cloud infrastructure providers in the security business as early as possible to be built, he said.

"There is a certain amount and the cloud [computing] interrupt, but we also believe that we need to create in a safe interruption of view, and security features make the clouds," it said table.

Experts in the calculation of boiling on the nature of the three regions of the clouds under: Infrastructure as a data security services, enterprise data center or some servers may be hosted outside the company surrounded the platform as a service, the company hosted its limits other than some commercial applications and software as a service, the software suite is about employees to use legislation, such as 's customer relationship management software. Every one of them examples of the use of cloud computing to businesses with their own security challenges. In the clouds of EMC RSA paper, "Identity and data protection: building trust, file encryption environment, the best approach" to identify slow down the adoption of cloud computing some general issues.

The federal government also involves helping companies to better understand the clouds. National Institute of Standards Technology (NIST), wrote a note how the security of cloud computing publications can be applied.
Cloud computing security issues: the cloud computing services, Security challenges: cloud computing panel to talk about security issues, including encryption and user authentication.
Troublesome areas outlined in the report released Cloud computing security group: non-profit file encryption security alliance that it benefits the clouds a comprehensive report on the clouds from the starting point for the calculation of the role of security issues in a broader discussion.

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